About Us - Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

You never know what the future holds. A few years ago, we were only some engineers focusing on their work, but life had something else planned for us and now we are  well known Wedding Photographers in Melbourne and the founders of Shaadi Capture, helping your clients remember the most important day of their life, through our pictures. On 4th Aug, 2013 we established Shaadi Capture, and from that day we are permanently improving our services.

We are professional photographers available not only in Melbourne but also globally. When it comes to life-defining moments, weddings stand-alone. We believe no moment in everyone’s life is as special as his/her wedding. So we believe in capturing those precious moments through the eyes of our camera. We approach each wedding with the same incredible drive, high energy and passion as the first wedding we ever photographed. We are offering photography services prior to the wedding day, and on the day itself. We put our heart and soul into ensuring that we record many memorable moments and fleeting facial expressions as they naturally unfold. Also, we focus on photography candid in nature so for most of the day you won’t notice us. That’s how we think the best moments and photos happen. We are considered as Best Wedding Photographers in Melbourne and we specialised in taking pictures for Indian and Asian weddings, but you can contact us no matter what the specific of your wedding is.

Wedding and Event Photographer

Pankaj Verma

Hi ! My name is Pankaj and I am Melbourne based professional wedding and event photographer. I shot my first picture when I was 6 years old and at that time we did not know how the photo is until it was processed. When I saw the result, I knew that I want to be a photographer for the rest of my life. Since then I have been capturing photos. I never studied photography in any institute but I have learnt through my own experience and experiments, and that is how I believe you learn best things. With time and experience, I managed to improve my skills and be considered a professional wedding photographer, and now many people are seeing me as one of the best wedding photographers in Melbourne. Apart from photography, my hobbies include travelling, reading and writing.


Wedding and Landscape Photographer

Abhijeet Kaithe

There are two types of people in the world. Those who own the Royal Enfield and others who dream to own. Luckily, I am the one who belongs to first category. I am a photographer who loves travelling and one of the biggest dreams of my life is to see all the beautiful places in world and catch them on film.

I started taking pictures six years ago and nothing in my life brings me more joy than photography. I do not believe time cannot be stopped, I believe that when we shot a picture we immortalise a piece of time that has stopped forever. From this reason, I think that I could not get a better job than this. When it comes to photography, I prefer to focus on wedding photography, street photography and birthday photography.